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About shelved wine

Shelved Wine is a web platform that connects consumers to Fine Wine, to purchase gourmet wines at great prices. Shelved Wine aims to bring the wine experience closer to you with extremely low shipping rates (in addition to complying with national and international wine shipping laws).

Let’s think of the many times we’ve seen a movie with this setting: a nice local restaurant, in a piazza (city center) surrounded by the most beautiful restaurant décor you’ve ever seen, table cloth that you can never find in actual stores and a heavenly plate of pasta taking up the full view of your TV screen. But it doesn’t end there. The waiter suggests its local wine to the main character. Sceptical, the main character isn’t sure if she should try out some wine she’s never even heard of or not. But then….she does, and it is LOVE at first taste!

Or let’s think of that friend who’s been to Italy, France, Spain etc. and has gushed (hours on end) about that delicious and savoury local wine? The wine that is practically impossible to buy in stores or online. Your only option is to buy a plane ticket and go there in person. And good luck trying to bring some of that superb wine home! With all the industry restrictions, you’re better off not even thinking about it (unless you smuggle it in, which we definitely do not advise).

Shelved Wine solves that problem by finding and shipping local wine to you anywhere in Europe. We look for local talents that produce wine to share with people, not for the humongous profit, but because these producers believe in making life taste better with authentic wine.

We didn’t just want to stop there, we also added these to Shelved Wine:

  • A large selection of products with one of the lowest shipping cost rate in Europe.
  • Live support to help you navigate the wine world.
  • We comply with the national and international shipping regulations to deliver your wine legally anywhere in Europe.
  • We are proud to be one of the few online wine shops that offers VAT & Duty compliance while providing you with the correct VAT and Duty Paid.

The Man Behind Shelved Wine

Valentino Minotti

Amongst Valentino’s passions (other than wine) are eating…great food. With that comes the high responsibility of creating great food. Which he has mastered with his killer pasta and mouth-watering steaks. Valentino’s all time favourite wine is whatever the current emotion calls for. Wine, based on the feel-good moment together.

Valentino has been in the Hospitality Industry for more 10 years. He has been operating as the Beverage and Operations Manager for large corporations in the Middle East and the United States.

In 2016, he returned to London to trade the best 500 wines in the world until he decided to make the wine industry more accessible. That’s when he turned to small and medium-sized wine producers to introduce the world to Shelved Wine.