Why shop from us?

Shelved Wine wasn’t only created to offer a large wine selection with the lowest shipping cost in Europe. We want you to be part of our world too. The wine world. We created a few services to help you familiarize yourself with the wine world. Which one of our service do you want to dive into first?

Two easy steps

Buying your favorite bottles is literally as easy as 1,2,3. Go to the registration page, create an account and start shopping.

Online Sommelier Service

What about immersing yourself into both the food and wine world? With the help of our Online Sommelier Service, ask anything from which wine to have with your meal, to recommendations on the best restaurants in town. Have both worlds at your fingertips.

Custom Wine Tours

One thing we like more….or maybe just as much as drinking delicious wine, is wine tours. So much to see, explore and taste. Want to be the first to know when we’ll
have our wine tours?

Live Chat

The live chat  was specifically created to accompany you while shopping. Need a clarification on the wine? Need assistance choosing which wines to buy? We’ve got your back. Even with a midnight craving.

Leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we wake up! (Sorry our Live Chat isn’t available when we’re sleeping).


We partnered with specialized carriers to offer you free or low shipping rates.

Secure payments

We are aware of the security issues that present themselves when buying online. That’s why we collaborated with Stripe, a gateway payment, to handle all the transactions made on Shelved Wine.