Sardinia wine, a Mediterranean gem.

Although the island makes more reds than whites, its white wines are extraordinary, especially the ones made from Vermentino 28% of the island’s vineyards are planted with the grape, and for a good reason, the wine’s good!
Vermentino di Gallura is what you’re looking for, the highest quality white wines of Sardinia. The grapes come from the northern part of the island, from almost 3,000 acres of vines that ripen the grapes beautifully every year.

Remember this one: Cannonau. The name might be unfamiliar, but it’s just the Sardinian name for Grenache, the thin-skinned red grape of grippy acidity and soft medium tannins that make the base of some of the best Italian, French and Spanish wines. The name you’re looking for is Cannonau di Sardegna, so keep an eye for it — Quartomoro is a standout family winery on the island.
There are a few Cariñena and Cabernet Sauvignon wines too, and they make good-quality wines. Blends are uncommon but exist and round up the diverse red wine category of the island.