“In producing wine, I put my soul into it and in selling it my face “, this is how Alfio Nicolodi, a small great producer of the Val di Cembra, in the province of Trento, introduces himself. Historic cellar Alfio Nicolodi expresses his love for Trentino not only through the cultivation of the Lagarino but also by breeding varieties typical of the area, such as Lagrein, Nosiola, muscat yellow and slave, flanked by vines of international stamp but particularly expressive in Trentino areas, such as Gewürztraminer, Müller Thurgau, Riesling and Pinot Noir.  Bottles that in all types can magnificently express the varietal and the territory in a synthesis of rare expressiveness.

Since 1985 Alfio has taken over the reins, carefully following both the vineyards in the processing, changing the plants and the vinification of the grapes, that the whole production phase up to the bottle, selecting the various types of grapes in order to obtain better wine. Since 2000 he has worked hard to reintegrate the historic vines of the valley, a long-term work of which in recent years we are beginning to see the results, increasingly important.

Alpine wines in the best sense of the term, delicate and balanced, harmonious and always very fine, enhancing the characteristics of the varietal and the absolute quality of the fruit. In the vineyard, he works on principles of sustainability and respect for the land and the environment, while in the winery Alfio prefers macerations on the skins for the whites and vinification in purity favouring steel and cement. Thirty-three is one of the flags of the winery and contains 3 syllables, 3 typical vines (Moscato Giallo, Nosiola and Lagarino) and 3 valleys of Trentino, to witness Nicolodi’s passion for local varieties and for the famous wine-growing areas of Trentino.