Another truly exciting area of Alto-Piemonte, Ghemme is located in the hills of the Novarra province, just across the river from Gattinara. The Arlunno family, owners of Antichi Vignetti di Cantalupo have lived and farmed here since the late fifteenth century. Cantalupo was established in 1969 when Ghemme gained DOC status and so the family made the decision to re-plant their old vineyards, extend the area under vine and build their winery. Around 400 meters above sea level, Ghemme has the highest vineyards on this side of the Sesia river, the soils here are varied and complex, much more so than other areas of Alto Piemonte. Locally known as Spanna, Nebbiolo is the majority of their production but the DOCG also permits the addition of Vespolina and/or Uva Rara, locally known as Bonarda Novarese, at a maximum of 25%. The wines of Ghemme are distinctive, elegant, powerful, high in alcohol and tannin content, making them extremely age worthy. Cantalupo offers two single vineyard cru’s; Ghemme DOCG Collis Carellae and Ghemme DOCG Collis Breclemae. In addition to other styles such as Colline Novaresi DOC Agamium, which is 100% Nebbiolo aged for 12 months in Slavonian oak.