Bartolo Mascarello

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bartolo-mascarello-shelved-wineWhen we talk about Bartolo Mascarello, we are talking about one of the myths of the Piedmontese Langhe, capable of making traditional Barolos of an excellent level. The history of the winery began in 1918 with Giulio, who, returning from the First World War, returned to Barolo with the intention of starting a production process separate from the municipality’s winery. Giulio studies the territory, and begins to compose his own “puzzle” of vineyards by buying small lots in Cannubi, Ruè and San Lorenzo, names that, for Piedmontese Barolo enthusiasts, still mean a lot today. In the 1960s, Bartolo entered the cellar, a young man with a strong personality who changed his father’s production, outlining the contours of a production style that, even today, is the company’s trademark. In this path there is no room for fashions and new trends, above all the use of the barrique introduced by the “modernists” in comparison with the classic large barrels that have always been used in the Langa and particularly dear to Bartolo. Bartolo Mascarello’s wine stands as a great and timeless classic of the Langhe: a label that has entered the history of Italian enology. Mythological and stubbornly against the fashions of the moment, Bartolo Mascarello’s Barolo has gone down in history as the wine of intellectuals, with critical consciences, loved by enthusiasts, experts and critics but also by high-profile intellectuals. Extraordinary, powerful and velvety, Bartolo Mascarello’s Barolo is a monument of the Langhe, a bottle that embodies the historical memory of the territory.