You may call young winemaker, Manuel Cantalapiedra, a rebel or even a freedom fighter but most importantly he is a farmer with a clear vision for the style of Verdejo he wants to make in Castilla y León. Manuel shares a passion for this grape with his father, who he named the winery after, and with his neighbours, but this is where the common interest ends and the rebellion begins. Harvesting later, organically and from single vineyard plots, his wines demonstrate power and finesse in equal measure. His heart and his vineyards lie in the centre of DO Rueda, yet his wines are miles ahead of the appellation. With 20 ha of Verdejo vines subdivided into plots of different soil types near the village of La Seca in the region of Rueda, each giving their own unique character to the wines. Vineyards are cultivated in an ecological and sustainable way with certified organic viticulture and biodynamic principles like horsetail, whey and nettle infusions to control diseases and other treatments to keep in harmony with the local ecosystem. As with their approach in the vineyard, winemaking is as minimal intervention as possible, with minimal, if any use of sulphur and a native yeast fermentation.