Casale is an exceptional and uncompromising Winery. Organic since 1980 and now biodynamic, the Gigloli-Rinaldi family can trace their vinous presence in the zone back to 1770. This is quintessential Tuscany, traditional in all the best senses with no whiff of modernity, its natural practices rooted in time rather than fashion. It was Antonio’s parents who replanted the small estate in 1969 with the vines that still produce most of the wines. In addition there are two rows of remaining high-trained vines, along with a very few trained up companion trees, that date back to the 1900s. The Chiantis are almost 100% Sangiovese with the addition of a dash each of Canaiolo & Colorino. Aging follows no set pattern at Casale, as Antonio chooses vessel (ranging from chestnut to concrete and always large format) and period dependent on his relationship with the wine. Wines are released when he deems them ready and often vintages can skip forward before looping back. The low intervention methods and patient, long aging times help to focus the wines’ textural tannins and fruit, always remaining exquisitely fresh.