Domaine Belleville

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For over one hundred years in Burgundy, the Belleville Domaine vineyards have upheld its reputation as having the most history-laden Climats in Rully. The “Les Cloux” and “Rabourcé” climats are the site of the original village, as the presence of Gallo-Roman remains testify. The medieval history of Rully and Mercurey also confirm the long-standing presence of the Domaine Belleville vineyards, most notably the “La Pucelle”, “Le Chapitre” and the “Clos L’Evèque” Climats. Throughout the ages, the Belleville Domaine has set down roots in the lands of Rully and Mercurey to become the iconic domaine it is today. They are the custodians of these heritage-rich lands and it is really important the respect for this heritage and for its environment, to ensure that it continues to be productive. Heirs to this heritage which is steeped in history, they take the greatest possible care of it to enhance and enrich it further so that it can be handed on to future generations in the best possible condition.