Domaine de Bréseyme

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Domaine de Bréseyme was founded in 1999 by the Gresse family then it was acquired by Nicolas Jaboulet of Maison & Domaines Les Alexandrins in 2018. Located in the region of Brézème, from which the domaine takes its name, this up-and-coming area sits at the southernmost edge of the Northern Rhône Valley. The domaine currently cultivates four hectares, with a further 16 hectares still to be planted. Classified as Côtes-du-Rhône since 1937, Brézème has recently been taking steps to obtain ‘Cru’ status. With steep, south-facing slopes and limestone, clay and pebble soils, the lay of the land is more reminiscent of the Northern Rhône. Nicolas is very enthusiastic about this project and believes that “this forgotten terroir in the north of the Rhône Valley deserves as much attention as its illustrious neighbours”.