La Fattoria Sociale la Costa is born for adults and disability and social disadvantage, in a path that combines the quality of the product and its ethical value. La Fattoria Sociale Costa hosts people at a disadvantage in agreement with the job placement service of the Socio-Health Company. The boys meet some passages of the production cycle, in particular, the labelling and packaging of the product. In addition, there are some activities in the countryside, in the vineyard and in the vegetable garden. They believe that the countryside and nature are the most suitable spaces to favour the processes of integration and personal growth of people with disadvantages. Working, even if with difficulty, together, living in a family environment, knowing and paying attention to natural cycles, relating to customers/suppliers and the local community have a wellness effect. They mean general well-being, in a broad sense, from physical well-being (stimulating movement, coordination, approaching a healthy diet, etc.), emotional (facilitating the expression of one’s own) emotions) and social (encouraging and stimulating contact and socializing with people increases the sense of responsibility). They wants to give a concrete opportunity to man/adult with social disadvantage and work disability, integration and social relations. They are themselves an integral part of the organization and engine itself, in a continuous process of mutual enrichment for reality and an example of sustainability that generates value and meaning for itself, the group, the community and the territory.