In the Adige Valley, just North of Trento, the Teroldigo grape is grown on the river beds of the ancient Noce River. Here the Fedrizzi Cipriani winery uses waters have retreated and left great quantities of stony deposits coming from the Dolomites. When the yield is restricted on these pebbly soils, Teroldigo can offer lush spicy red fruit, black cherry flavours, and aromas of tar, smoke, and herbs as well as bitter almond notes. It is also marked by a particularly fine acidic balance and complexity.

The Fedrizzi Cipriani family vinifies their wines in a very traditional manner. For the past 50 years, right in the centre of their local town, Mezzolombardo, they’ve grown low yields of Teroldigo, trained on Double Pergola vines. The wine is fermented in cement tanks using all indigenous yeasts, and stored in cement for an additional 6 months. Production is less than 3,000 cases.