Luigi Ferrando is one of Italy’s best winemakers, and his Carema offers true expressions of extreme mountain viticulture. They are some of Italy’s greatest and longest lived wines. Ferrando Vini was founded in 1890 by Giuseppe Ferrando, who moved to Ivrea from Acqui to introduce the wines of Piedmont into the neighbouring region of Valle d’Aosta. After him, his son, Luigi, expanded and developed the winemaking business. In 1957, Giuseppe Ferrando Jr., the founder’s grandson, began producing of one of the rarest wines obtained from the Nebbiolo variety, Carema, which is named after a small town in northern Piedmont on the border with Valle d’Aosta. The wine is very much a ‘mountain Barolo’, blessed with assertive but silky tannins. It has extremely pure aromas and flavours of red roses, red cherry, and raspberry fruit. Ferrando have produced an excellent, entry-level version called ‘Etichetta Bianca’ (White Label), and a top-of-the-line version named ‘Etichetta Nera’ (Black Label). In 1964, the Ferrando family built the cellar (a DOC since 1967) in Carema. Ever since, they have been considered the patriarchs of this once very famous wine that is only recently returning to the limelight it deserves. Besides Carema, Ferrando’s flagship wine, production includes Erbaluce di Caluso wine made from the indigenous white grape Erbaluce, which is vinified in still, sparkling, and sweet versions. Ferrando is amongst the few producers, who make both a lighter, more refined, late harvest version as well as a richer, thicker, sweeter air-dried wine. Erbaluce is a true star of Italian native grapes, though it is little known outside of its immediate production zone. Both the still and sparkling wines are characterized by very bright, high acids, and delicate white flower and citrus aromas and flavours.

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