Fontana Candida, the name of a winery that is the most authentic, refined expression of winemaking tradition in Lazio and Rome, places that combine age-old elegance with energy, poetry and vitality.Wines – above all Frascati – famous and beloved worldwide are born here, in lands of culture and pleasure. For over sixty years Fontana Candida has been the undisputed star of the distribution and success of Frascati all over the world.Its primary mission has always been to promote this designation, outright wine heritage of the Roman district, with great quality potential, some yet to be explored. The Frascati DOC production area includes all of the municipal districts of Frascati, Grottaferrata, and Monte Porzio Catone, and part of the municipalities of Rome and Montecompatri. Fontana Candida owns 25 hectares under vine, of which 13 are the Vigneto Santa Teresa vineyard. The vineyards lie on volcanic hills at 200–400 metres in altitude.A typical feature of the terrain is the pozzolan, also known in Italian as “terrinella”, situated in the points furthest from the eruption mouths. Pozzolans are made up of volcanic ash that give rise to deep sandy soils, very permeable to water, rich in potassium, with some phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron and microelements, and poor in nitrogen. The climate here is Mediterranean with typically moderate temperatures.Rain is concentrated mainly in autumn and winter, with long dry periods in spring and summer.The ponentino sea breeze that blows in from the coast takes the edge off the hottest hours of summer days, and also means that winters are never too cold. The vine in this terroir encounters the most favourable environmental milieu: the high temperatures and many hours of sunshine typical of September and October (known as the “ottobrate romane”) let the grapes ripen slowly and completely, imprinting the Frascati bouquet in the most unique way.

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