Giasbana, Jazbine in Slovenian. The heart of the Collio. It is here that the Korsic family has lived for many generations. It is the cru in which it grows and the grapes that give life to Korsic wines are carefully and carefully harvested. Visiting the company does not consist of a simple tasting. Each visit begins in the vineyards and ends in the cellar and offers the opportunity to come into contact with all the phases of the meticulous processing process. What better way to convey the company philosophy? Korsic Wines, upon reservation, offers visitors the opportunity to stay a few steps away from the farm at one of the conventional farms The soil, composed of ponca (stratified marls and sandstones of Eocene origin), crumbles between the hands, revealing tiny fossils that nourish and enrich the vines giving the wines the distinctive trait of minerality and salinity that makes them unique. The warm currents of the Adriatic Sea keep the grapes dry, the Julian Alps to the north protect it from cold currents and rains. These climatic and geological peculiarities constitute a common denominator that the producers of the Collio consortium have chosen to highlight with an original bottle. It is characterized by an unprecedented form that has made possible a lower consumption of glass and cork, a “Collio” incision on the baga and the consortium logo on the capsule.