The La Chimera agricultural company was founded in 2005 on the initiative of Stefano Turbil, an agricultural expert; located in Chiomonte, in the province of Turin, it is located in the middle of the Val di Susa. Alpine valley located in the western part of Piedmont, on the border with France, the Val di Susa is home to vineyards in almost all of its municipalities, both in the lower valley and in some of the upper ones. The vineyards of La Chimera extend for about two hectares and are obtained from old terraces at 600-700 meters of altitude; they are also composed of indigenous varieties such as avanà, Gamay, Barbera and Dolcetto but also international varieties, such as the Traminer and Syrah, well adapted to the pedoclimatic conditions of the area. Stefano Turbil annually produces about 50 thousand bottles from late harvests; the choice to harvest from the end of September to the end of October guarantees that the strong temperature change between day and night further enriches the aromatic component of the grapes. Since its foundation, the La Chimera farm has been working hard to recover a vine such as avana, of French origin but also historically cultivated in Val di Susa, which has paid for its breeding difficulties over the years.