La Source was founded in 2003, by the will of some young farmers, with different experiences in agriculture and especially wine production, as well as descendants of Valle d’Aosta families who have been farming for generations. The company is currently owned by the Celi-Cuc family and Stefano Celi is its soul. Born in 1971, graduated agricultural expert at the Salesiano institute of Lombriasco, descendant of a family that for generations has been dedicated to agriculture in Valle d’Aosta, after other work experience and always a part-time farmer, since 2005 full time to agricultural activity and particularly wine-growing. The company has an extension of about 6.5 hectares invested in specialized DOC vineyards.

The care of the vineyards is followed by the owner who chooses the best agronomic techniques in order to have vineyards that best express their potential. Since the creation of new plants, the selection of the most suitable vines and rootstocks is taken care of. In the selection of the vines, in addition to some international vines (Syrah, Gamay, Müller Thuirgau, Shiraz and ARVINE), there was ample space for native vines with the prevalence of Petit Rouge, but also Premetta, Vien de Nus, Fumin and Cornalin.

The transformation takes place in the modern cellar nearing completion in Bussan Dessous di Saint-Pierre, behind one of the most beautiful and famous castles of our valley. The vineyards, partly owned and partly rented, are located in the best wine-growing areas of the valley located in the municipalities of Quart, Aosta, Sarre, Saint-Pierre, Aymavilles and Villeneuve; the plants are performed in the best areas for viticulture in order to produce high quality grapes. The careful selection of the grapes in the vineyard allows to bring into the cellar a product to be transformed into healthy and with the best characteristics for the production of wines with high characteristics. The transformation of grapes into wine, carried out using the most modern technologies and respecting the Valdostan wine tradition, is directly followed by the owners and takes place under the supervision of the oenologist Mario Ronco, who has been following the path of growth for years company.