L ‘Antica Quercia is a company in Scomigo, a small village in the municipality of Conegliano, which has invested for over 10 years in the biological behind the strong belief to defend first of all the place where we live. And you can feel it immediately by taking a walk inside the vineyards at the top of the hill: cicadas, ladybugs, insects, plants, oaks (two), birds, butterflies and hares enrich and are the background to the wonderful landscape that opens up in front of the eyes. The 21 hectares of the single-bodied company, a rarity in the Docg Conegliano Valdobbiadene, have since 2007 been converted and treated with the minimum allowed amount of phytosanitary, thanks to manual interventions such as pruning and green manure, which cost many hours of work and effort, but guarantee a quality of life and a unique product.

With the total work commitment on his part, the changes in the last year are not lacking, starting from the decision to have only DOCG wine, combined with the already present desire to invest in research and collaboration. Ample space inside the cellar is left to the young, one of which has also managed to get his test to our glasses. Which? I invite you to go and find out directly in the company because the reception is another important part of the activity.

At the centre of the reality of L ‘Antica Quercia there is the product, the starting point of all the work done up to now, which can make proud and proud those who produce it, those who cultivate it, those who make it and those who sell it. Yeah, the product! It seems trivial, but it is not at all obvious

Today the company produces its wines according to the dictates of organic farming; the wines are of quality and excellent drinkability.