L’Olivella was founded in 1986, thanks to the inspiration of an expert viticulturist from Puglia, Mr Umberto Notarnicola, and a scrupulous wine expert from Piedmont, Mr Bruno Violo, both in love with the landscape of Latium. It’s a young, dynamic agricultural holding, constantly innovating itself but keeping strength links with the local culture and traditions. The hills, where the vines of Frascati grow up, are of volcanic origin, rich in mineral salts (potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium) and poor in nitrogen.

The ideal mix for growing vines and producing wines of high organoleptic quality. L’Olivella is located between Monteporzio and Frascati, in the hills surrounding Rome, a few kilometres to the south, along with the via Tuscolana. It is easy to reach from the Rome-Naples motorway, exiting at the Monteporzio Catone junction. Frascati has always been the wine of Rome, boasting the longest historical traditions: the ancient Romans prized the wine of Tuscolo, the hill above Frascati, a natural terrace overlooking the Capital.