The company of Mattia Filippi is located in the center of the village of Faedo where he grew up. He is passionate about wine and the land. Precisely for this vocation, once he finishes his studies in oenology and after working in the most famous wine-growing areas of the world, Mattia Filippi decided to start this adventure, renting a hectare of vineyard south of Trento, in a historic area for Trentino viticulture called Casteller. Here is a unique vineyard known as the Poggio, described by some as “the Temple Vineyard”. With the help of his wife, Rossella Marino Abate, also an enologist, they produce two red wines: Under The Sky and Equinotium with the precious Cabernet Sauvignon grapes according to a logic of high viticulture sustainability, great respect for the raw material and strong commitment for absolute quality. After having invested and believed in a Cru trentino for the production of great red wines for aging, in 2009 it was decided to give voice to the white lands of the hill of Faedo – among the most valuable and famous of Trentino – vinifying the grapes of the vineyards family’s. The vineyards are located at about 600 meters above sea level on steep slopes. The Chardonnay vineyard, in the Palai bassi-Molini area, which grows on the lands of the old mine in the country, gives birth to Augusto Primo Cuvée, a classic Brut Nature sparkling wine that matures at least 44 months on yeasts. From the vineyard in the locality of Portadon, the classic and celebratory wine of the Faedo area, the Müller, is produced