Nanni Copè

Giovanni Ascione, whose childhood nickname was Nanni Copè, founded the Azienda Agricola Nanni Copè in 2007. This is a unique 2.5 hectare vineyard at Castel Campagnano, on very sandy soils in the upper region of Caserta; beautiful, unspoiled countryside which has allowed Ascione to live out his boyhood dream. Per annum just 7,500 bottles are produced by Nanni Copè of the one label only: Sabbie di Sopra il Bosco. Giovanni’s guiding philosophy reflects the need to create wines that express the inner power of a wine from the South, but with a Northern Italian style: He therefore tries hard to enhance the extraordinary qualities of the Pallagrello Nero grape variety (his wine is mainly made up with this variety) by creating wines of the utmost elegance and drinkability. The wine is never concentrated or over the top. Giovanni believes in a maximum expression of the terroir combined with an agronomic philosophy aimed at minimising interventions, excluding the use of herbicides or pesticides. Nanni Copè is in full compliance with the formal constaints of organic agriculture.

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