The Pelz Winery cultivates 8 hectares of their own vineyards plus another 10 that they manage to rent, with an average annual production that fluctuates around 12,000 bottles. Pelz works in the vineyard with integrated agriculture and in the Cellar you try to enhance better the fruit of the vine, without interventions that can modify the organoleptic profile obtained from nature, aiming in a decisive way on the soil of porphyritic nature and on the particular microclimate offered by the Valle di Cembra.

The company was founded in 1995 by the will of the three brothers Michele, Franco, Diego, who have always set themselves as a primary objective that of enhancing the value of wine production in Valle di Cembra, a territory with great potential and that needs to be communicated to make known to the vast array of enthusiasts the typicality of their wines, produced from grapes painstakingly cultivated on hundreds of kilometres of terraced land.