Petrilli wine is located on La Motticella or Motta della Regina which is a very ancient settlement reported on maps already before one thousand. Today it is a modern, lively company. Among the crops present, a significant part in the production of wine. Since 2002 Paolo Petrilli has decided to vinify the grapes that have always resided in the property. Previously, they were sold to the nearby social winery. Only proprietary grapes are processed. Not a single grain is purchased. Nero di Troia, Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Aglianico and Bombino are our “grapes”. Nothing but native grapes to turn into wine, to offer our story through our grapes and our unique Terroir.

Paolo Petrilli (Owner & Winemaker):

“We have renounced the excessive yield per hectare and the use of chemical products, to develop an eco-sustainable production system, in which to exploit the natural fertility of the soil and promote the biodiversity of the environment.

We are committed to all stages of production and to the selection of our partners, always maintaining high levels of quality and food safety.

We have chosen to supply the production system and all company environments with energy from renewable sources, tracked by the Energy Services Manager and produced by hydropower plants that respect the environment.

We have designed a corporate policy based on social responsibility and enclosed its key points in an ethical code, which highlights our obligation on issues such as respect for individual rights, workplace safety, motivation, dialogue and involvement of employees and collaborators, good relations with partners and final customers and the link between business and territory”.