In a corner of Tuscany on the coast of the Etruscan Coast, in the heart of the Maremma of Livorno there is a medieval village nestled on the top of a hill overlooking the countryside and the surrounding sea, Castagneto Carducci. Its municipality, with a territorial extension of 142 sq km and an altitude of 194 m above sea level, enjoys a Mediterranean climate.

Along the coast rise giant pines rooted in hundreds of years able to counteract the frequent winds of the sea, thus preserving a microclimate able to develop an agriculture that expands for as much as 41% of the territory, becoming the second source of ‘ local economy thanks mainly to the production of oil and wine. Looking up, following the profile of the rolling hills, you can not remain indifferent to the intensity of the green of the woods now totally abandoned and for this natural heritage of the territory.   In this context the Podere il Castellaccio farm develops and operates. The property, spread over the sea side of the hill of Segalari coming almost close to the famous Bolgherese road.

The only reason for such initiative was due to the great passion for nature; since then there have been two generations, but the passion and sensitivity have remained unchanged. With these assumptions, the farm has grown expanding its corporate body that today extends for more than fifteen hectares divided into vineyards, olive groves, woods, and a small part for the breeding of horses.

The business plan finds full concreteness in the production of wine and extra-virgin olive oil; the hectares of olive groves and vineyards are now restored and increased with new plants at the behest of new generations, making the company dynamic and open to new markets.

A vineyard with forty years of history represents the tangible testimony of a tradition handed down over time, ancient clones of Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo Foglia Tonda and Pugnitello, virtually disappeared from the local viticultural heritage, are today the center of an accurate operation of recovery and enhancement in order to express their qualitative potential. From these principles come our wines capable of combining history, tradition and nature of a unique “terroir”.