The winery Poderi San Lazzaro born in May 2003 by continuing the family tradition in viticulture and wine production quality, respecting the environment and biological rhythms of the vineyard.
The Poderi San Lazzaro, which is owned by Paolo Capriotti and Elisetta Carosi, is an excellent location in the middle hill 290 meters above sea level, 15 kilometres (9 miles) from the Adriatic Sea and 25 kilometres (15 miles) from the Apennine mountains, is located in the municipality Offida, the heart of the Rosso Piceno Superiore, which is one of the historic Italian DOCs (Denominazione di Origine Controllata).
The work in vine-growing has become increasingly the main activity of the two spouses and part of them, as is a family business, after several years and have reached the awareness necessary to achieve a more definitive role and personal both wines at the cellar. To give rise to taste wines not standardized, the vineyards are always organically, using technical means and on time their agriculture.
The winery small but functional is an integral part of a shed in the early ‘900, which lies atop a ridge with a panoramic view stretching from the Apennines to the sea.
The vineyards are south, south-west and north-west, in clayey soil, they Unet ranging from 10-15 years and Polesio Podere 72, 40 years for Grifola.
The company is composed of two adjacent farms, for a total of 18 hectares, of which 15 are vineyards and olive trees and 3 to the forest that produces 40,000 bottles a year of wine now. The philosophy is then given the utmost care of the vineyards for grapes and to ensure the highest quality product in the bottle.