The vineyards used to produce Radoar wines grow up to an altitude of 900 m and have reached an age of more than 40 years of life. They are the schistose soil and the high solar irradiation that make viticulture possible at this altitude. Radoar wines are biodynamic, a process allowing the grapes to reach optimal physiological maturity. The use of biodynamic preparations, the different teas, the accurate agricultural work and diligent sowing, make it, in harmony with the lunar phases, a special grape. In the cellar, we work carefully using natural ferments. The wines that are obtained are left to rest for nine months in oak and steel barrels before being bottled in summer. It is through organic farming that the environment, the soil and the climate are reflected in our wines. The synergy between nature and biodynamic agriculture represents art that reaches the maximum expression of value in our lifestyle.

“It is in the farm Radoar, one of the highest wine lands in the South Tyrol, which are mostly cultivated white grape vines. Old vines, some over 35 years old, grow at an altitude between 800 and 900 m above the sea level. The fermentation is carried out without artificial yeasts. For more than 10 years we dedicate ourselves exclusively to organic farming. This is why the territory, soil and climate find the maximum expression in the products of cultivation done manually. one with nature. ” – Norbert and Edith Blasbichler