Re Manfredi was established in 1998, in the heart of Aglianico del Vulture DOC wine country, just a few kilometres from Venosa, the little town famous as the birthplace of Latin poet Horace in 65 BC.A smart, welcoming farmhouse is the centre of the estate, which has 120 and more hectares of Guyot and spurred cordon-trained vines. Basilicata is a small region of barely 11,000 square kilometres, but with every type of Italian landscape imaginable. It is one of Italy’s most pristine regions, where nature still reigns and has not succumbed completely to human presence. The extinct volcano Vulture dominates the plateau with its 1,300 metres,its lava mixing with the soil rich in clay, calcium, nitrogen and tuff to create a unique terroir and Mediterranean winegrowing landscape. The volcanic component gives the wines a rare minerality and tanginess.The most common grape variety in Basilicata is Aglianico, named after the Greek Ellenico grape. Soils with a volcanic base, special sunlight and the continental climate with typically very cold winters and hot summers, and extensive day-night temperature ranges are the key features of the Vulture district. This terroir is like no other in the Mediterranean and brings forth unique minerally wines, with a distinctive hint of spice.

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