San Marzano

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Southern Italy is full of surprises. Today there are few other wine regions with such a great value as Puglia. Red, white, sparkling and rosé wines made in the area are of the highest quality-price ratio, and the wine is extraordinary.
San Marzano is a small village at the heart of Puglia’s most acclaimed DOC, Primitivo di Manduria. Here, 19 winemakers with aims on quality founded the wine cooperative Cantine San Marzano in 1962. Sixty years later, they’re one of the most respected wineries in the region.

People have been making wine in Puglia, especially around Manduria, for thousands of years. The weather is warm, and the grapes ripen to perfection every year. The region is perhaps better known for the famous sweet Primitivo di Manduria Dolce Naturale, made with the acclaimed Primitivo, AKA Zinfandel. Still, the dry wines are equally contemplative.

The Mediterranean Sea is just a few miles from Manduria and the town of San Marzano di San Giuseppe. These historical grounds are not only home to low-yielding old vines, but they’re also a playground for both traditionalist and modernist winemakers that produce unique wine under a single banner Cantina-Feudi San Marzano.

Cantine San Marzano produces a wide range of wines at both the IGP and DOC levels. The Tamari Rosé is one of the winery’s most attractive wines on the light side. Three collections, ‘Il Pumo,’ ‘Timo‘ and ‘Talò‘ cover varietal wines and blends from all the available autochthonous grapes in all styles, from a juicy Malvasia Nera to a delectable Vermentino.
San Marzano’s most sought-after wines are made with the local Primitivo grape, especially those sourced from vines over sixty years old. The “Collezione 50” is the winery’s most exclusive label, but you’ll find extraordinary wine throughout its extensive catalogue.