Stonier’s story begins with Brian Stonier, who was one of the first vignerons in the Mornington Peninsula. He planted Chardonnay in 1978, while his kids were surfing at the local beach. This viticultural hobby grew to become a great love for Brian, and in honour of his other great love, Champagne, he planted Pinot Noir in 1982. Stonier and the Mornington Peninsula have subsequently built their world-renowned reputation on these two varieties, as the region’s cool maritime climate makes for the perfect canvas to bring these varieties to life. Stonier’s Mornington Peninsula vineyards are the foundation of the winemaking practice. The wines showcase the premium quality and character of the fruit cultivated in the pristine cool maritime climate. The vineyards are guided to produce the best possible fruit from their given site within their natural constraints. Stonier’s vineyard portfolio boasts some of the region’s oldest vineyards, each one contributing nuances from within the different sub-regions of the peninsula.

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