The Tanca Gioia wine was born as an idea in the minds of the founders during a night on a sailboat, twenty years ago. Then from the intentions, they moved on to the actions, to the days under the sun, to the fatigue of men and women who made sure that today we can be satisfied with what they can offer you. The Tanca Gioia wine started with Carignano and Vermentino since 2000, after a few years we added Nasco Aromatico, Moscato di Calasetta and Bovaleddu. They are young but we have learned quickly. The climate and the ecosystem of the island provide clear, hard rules sometimes and can not be discussed, only accept.


With the curious name “U-Tabarka” given to its wines, the company wants to pay homage to the history of its land: the name derives from Tabarka, a Tunisian town famous as a colony of Genoese fishermen who in 1738 had to abandon it, moving on to the island of San Pietro.