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Tornai Pincészet was founded by Endre Tornai in 1946. Located in Somló – Balaton in Western Hungary, the 432 meter high Somló hill produces some of the best white wines in Europe. Over the course of time, the estate has grown to over 60 hectares with the third generation actively involved in the everyday workings of the estate. The volcanic origin of the soil, the diurnal temperature changes and the selection of indigenous grape varieties combine to produce wines of profound character that represent outstanding value. Tornai Pincészet is by far the biggest player in this tiny area; they grow over 60 hectares out of a total of 500 for the entire appellation. They are expertly utilizing the virtues of their terroir, a unique combination of volcanic rocks and cinder enriched earth, which accounts for the Somló’s characteristically mineral-tasting wines. The grapes planted at Tornai are a mix of native and international varieties over the best areas of the Somló: the Ilona, Grófi, Apatsagi and Arany hills.