Tournée du Sud

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Tournée du Sud, what a great concept – a Tour of the South of France – get out the vélo and let’s join the touriste-routiers. But why be part of the peloton when you can attack from the front, and make wine which really matters and offer wine lovers liberté de choix? Hence, among the delights on offer here is a beautiful Picpoul de Pinet – the fish wine – a vivacious Grenache Blanc/Sauvignon Blanc blend and a quite beautiful and unusual Grenache/ Pinot Noir blend.


At a fraction of the price of Burgundy, this is a stylish, youthful and becoming Pinot Noir, medium-bodied, full of berry and cherry flavours, elegant, graceful and moreish.


A lovely, refreshing Picpoul with aromas of grapefruit, citrus, stone fruits and delicate notes of fresh acacia flowers on the nose. Great concentration on the palate, with a zingy acidity and unusual depth on the finish.


The key with Viognier – one of the statement grapes of the south of France - is balance; this wine has a rapier-like acidity which complements the richness of the body to produce a wine of poise and balance.


This is an unusual and beautiful blend of Grenache and Pinot Noir, the earthiness ofthe Grenache being balanced by the elegance of the Pinot.