Developing their family business over three generations, it has been an exciting journey for the Silvestrini family in Bordeaux since Aurélien and Régine’s original purchase of the one-hectare vineyard. From that courageous beginning, the winery now comprises 36 hectares in total and three of the most prestigious appellations of the Libournais: Lussac-St-Émilion (28 hectares), Montagne-Saint-Émilion (5.5 hectares) and Pomerol (1.2 hecatres). After Aurélien and Régine, each subsequent generation has played its part in this success story. In 1982, Aurélien and Régine’s son Max gave up his career in industry having graduated in chemical engineering to join the family business with his wife Liliane. Their contribution has been a fundamental and continual updating and improvement of the cellars, winemaking techniques and subsequent wine quality. Since 2005, the most recent generation, Jérôme and Sabine, aim to combine traditional and modern techniques to achieve an inextricable balance to the finished wines. They particularly concentrate on monitoring the growing cycle of the vines in order to maintain, anticipate and quality-check the yields and grapes, and this is followed by a plot by plot harvest designed to ensure optimal ripeness of their fruit. The grapes then begin a long maceration, and during the fermentation process the temperature is strictly controlled and tastings take place at frequent intervals. The wine is then subtly blended, aged and finally comes to life and although Vignobles Silvestrini’s vineyards are based in the hottest, driest part of Bordeaux, the climate is temperate and oceanic and assists in the formation of these stunning wines.