Starting in the year 1000, the toponym Trasqua appears in all land registers, bequests and inheritances. It is presented as a prestigious plot of land which expands throughout history and reinforces its boundaries. Today, a total of 120 hectares of the current property is owned by the Hulsbergen family who purchased the estate in 2001 In every deed and legal document, Trasqua is intrinsically linked to viticulture. Villa Trasqua is the custodian of a wine heritage that goes back to the threshold of the year 1000. A thousand years of viticulture situated in the most historic area of Castellina in Chianti, which has determined the very shape of the earth, creating a wine microcosm capable of educating man himself to respect and value its fruits. Villa Trasqua has harvested the labour of past generations and in turn cultivating the future of those to come, giving life to timeless wines, which exude with Tuscan spirit and express themselves in an elegant longevity.

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