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Passion, research, dedication and tradition: these are the fundamental values Azienda Ai Galli has pursued ever since it was established. For over forty years our true aim has been seeking excellence in wine by creating products that reflect noble values such as elegance, balance and typical distinctions.

A vast plain extends from the Prealps to the Dolomite foothills, featuring long rivers, springs rising in the Dolomites, and different types of soil. A passion for viticulture and culture do the rest to produce great Venetian wines, worthy of tables anywhere in the world.

The knowledge of wine shapes the daily work in the winery and allows Ai Galli to create a unique wine-making identity. This leads them to consider the winery a place where knowledge, experience and past traditions of transforming grapes into wine are preserved and combined with the most modern technologies to guarantee the highest quality standards

-16% [SALE]

Straw colour with fine, lingering perlage. Delicate scents of flowers and white pulp fruit. The flavour is pleasantly soft with good acidity and sapidity which makes this wine easy to drink. A versatile wine, easy to drink and particularly good as an aperitif, with entrees and appetizers in general, and with cheese and fat-free processed meat. Ideal throughout the meal, with either fish or white meat.

-14% [SALE]

Luminous straw colour. The clean, intense scent has pleasant floral hints and typical pear and apple aromas. The flavour is full and well-balanced with refreshing sapidity. Delicious with fish salads and fish or shellfish first courses. Great also with white meat and poached fish.

-14% [SALE]

Deep red with purple highlights, the scent is broad, intense and lingering, slightly herbaceous with hints of raspberries and vanilla. The dry, harmonious flavour has elegant tannins and good complexity. Ideal with white meat, it also goes well with fillet steak and fondue. Delicious with hard cheeses.