Alvarez y Diez

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Alvarez y Diez is one of the most important producers of the D.O. Rueda. They have made major investments to ensure that the winery is at the vanguard of changing wine styles in the region. Concentrating on the indigenous Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc, they were one of the first to produce the crisp, herbaceous style that is associated with Rueda today and also the first to introduce screw caps to the region. A combination of some of the oldest vines in the D.O, poor soils and high density planting help to contribute to the exemplary quality of fruit harvested by Alvarez y Diez which is amply demonstrated in the finished wines. Newer plantings are machine harvested at night whilst the old vines are all hand harvested. Alvarez Y Diez utilise the latest viticultural techniques in order to create their modern expressively fruited wines. Cold soaks prior to crushing, anaerobic winemaking protocols and meticulously controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks all help preserve the bright, zingy flavours found in the freshly picked grapes.

-9% [SALE]

Beautiful green-fruit aromas combine with a hint of citrus fruits to give a fresh and vibrant nose. Fresh, varietal-fruit with citrus notes and excellent acidity.