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The Amarano Winery is located in Montemarano, Avellino, in the heart of Irpinia, a land that has always been used for vine growing. The company was founded in 2004 and is a family business. The vineyards to produce Amarano wines extend over an area of 7 hectares at 500 meters above sea level, on rolling hills, facing the beautiful village of Castelfranci. Irpinia is a territory where the thermal excursions contribute to generating high-quality grapes with intense aromas, able to create long-lived wines with a strong structure and exceptional elegance. The uniqueness of the territory and the sapient viticulture are the perfect combinations to create from these grapes their best expression.


The nose is elegant, mineral, distinctly fruity; its aging capacity allows this wine to take on the connotations of dried fruit over time. On the palate it is perfectly savory and with good persistence.


It has a ruby red colour, an intense and spicy fragrance able to evolve over time to various olfactory sensations. The taste is fresh and structured, characteristics that make it a long-lived wine.