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Argiano is part of the history of the Montalcino region and it’s one of the most prestigious and historical reality in the area. The name is thought to derive from the first settlements in Roman times – ‘Ara Janus’, referring to the god Janus. The history of Argiano has a turning point in the 16th century with the decline of the Tolomei family in favor of the noble Pecci family from Sienna and with the construction of their magnificent villa between 1580 and 1596, perfect exempla of a 16th century noble residence. The name of the villa, Bell’Aria, was chosen when the Pecci decided to build it preserving the original center of the castle on the crest of the hill precisely because of the air quality. Since 2019 Argiano is the first company in Montalcino to become plastic-free. All single-use plastics have been eliminated. The idea was inspired by a cyclical model, an approach based on waste differentiation and which follows the Rule of Return, or rather the re-use of the company’s discarded products (such as stems and vine shoots), and maintains the 4 Rs for the environment: Reduce, Recuperate, Recycle and Reuse. Argiano practices an organic and sustainable method of agriculture. It believes in the balance of biodiversity and strives to attain it, through techniques aiming to soil fertility, implementing with natural products like weeds, chestnut tannins, propolis and zeolite. Even natural insecticides are banned; instead, techniques like sexual confusion and the release of adversarial insects are employed.


The nose is extremely complex and broad. Classic Sangiovese notes are on display, particularly marasca cherry and flowers, but there are also scents of orange peel, sage, and balsamic, among others. Dense, structured, and savory in the mouth with silky, integrated tannins and a fragrant acidity. Very long finish.


An opulent wine with a nice texture. A full-bodied red with complex aromas of cherries and dried flowers, bark, cloves, toasted and mushrooms. Excellent structure with elegant and deep tannins. Long and persistent finish.