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Artadi was once a co-operative of 13 local growers based close to the town of Laguardia in the Alavesa sub-region of Rioja. Recognising the potential of these vineyards, Juan Carlos López de Lacalle purchased the estate and modernised the winemaking facilities and techniques to allow the unique terroir of the vineyards to shine through. Over the years the estate has become one of Rioja’s finest, so Artadi’s decision to leave the appellation in 2015 sent shockwaves through the region. Although controversial at the time, this bold decision has proven a blessing for Artadi by enabling the estate to highlight their remarkable single vineyard wines free from the rigid regulations of the appellation’s governing body. This focus on the character of individual plots echoes the Burgundian approach and is just one example of Artadi’s commitment to producing exceptional quality wines. In contrast with many more traditional producers in Rioja, Artadi insists on using French rather than American oak to age its wines. This gives a more delicate touch from the oak and allows the character of the Tempranillo grape and the terroir to take centre stage.


A wine with deep sensations: one can feel the vibrant fruit along with fibrous and sculpted tannins. A fusion between ripe flavor profiles and the precision of mineral characters, the projection of fine tannins and the encompassing texture of a delicate wine.