Bricco Maiolica

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Bricco Maiolica wine was founded in 1985, the crackdown, the decisive turning point, by Beppe Accomo, born in 1963. Beppe grew up with the passion of the land and the vineyard, followed, and participated in the various agricultural operations, soon realizing that it is a pity to simply sell the grapes or bulk wine, passing to controlled vinification and bottling. Bricco Maiolica has 24 hectares of lush vineyards. They cultivate vines to obtain low yields and healthy, well-ripened grapes, with great attention to the environment, we do not use synthetic fungicides or anti-mould. The goal is to work in the best respect for tradition and to transfer, as much as possible, the deep roots, vocation, character and personality from the vineyard to the glass.

-14% [SALE]

Aromatic scent with hints of apricot, wisteria in youth. Mineral and complex after maturation. Full, fruity and dry flavor