Cantina Sociale di Trento

It was in 1956 when 11 Trentino farmers combined forces to create the Cantina Sociale in their city. Now as back then the intuition was clear: unity is strength. The creation of a cooperative like the wine cooperative allowed even small producers to face the market and make a profit. This is what a wine cooperative is: a place to defend and promote the area and its products thanks to the union of those who live and work in the area every day. Today Trento is the most important agricultural town in the province with its extreme diversity determined by the morphology of the environment, the altitude and the inclination of the slopes in the valley of the river Adige at the intersection with other secondary valleys in an environment that has been shaped and smoothed by millions of years of natural forces that create an alpine environment. Forests cover more than half the total area and the agricultural land is located on “terraces” and “alluvial fans” that can be found at an altitude of between 200 and 800 m ASL whose morphology is linked to the dynamics of canals and streams that have been carefully regulated over centuries of agricultural history. In the same region different soil and climatic environments coexist that make it possible to cultivate different vines excellently: limestone, basalt and porphyries engrain different personalities into wines.

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