Casa Belfi

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The Casa Belfi winery is located in San Polo di Pieve, in the province of Treviso, and can count on 9 hectares of vineyards scattered between San Polo and Romanziol di Noventa del Piave. Casa Belfi is one of those organic and biodynamic wineries that have best dedicated themselves, with rigor and originality, to the expressive search for real, atypical and unconventional wines. It was founded in 1999 by the young oenologist Maurizio Donadi with the complicity and support of the producer Albino Armani who, through entrepreneurial intuition, decided to indulge the young partner’s amazing creativity and desire to experiment. For years the vineyards have been cultivated organically, to which biodynamic management has recently been added for some plots. Casa Belfi wines are a healthy and qualitatively high expression of the territory and native vines. We are talking about interpretations that immediately embody a philosophy based on naturalness, on the ancient Treviso traditions and on the rejection of synthetic chemistry and technology. Freshness of aromas, vivacity, structure and richness of flavor are the main characteristics of these wines, endowed with a rare personality and extraordinarily capable of surprising.


Deep straw yellow color, veiled, not filtered. On the nose, hints of fruit and flowers white, intensely mineral. Fresh and savory to taste.


Ruby red color, veiled, unfiltered. On the nose hints of small red fruits, intensely spicy. Full, soft and enveloping in the mouth.