Colle Corviano

The certainty of Colle Corviano and its owners, Antonella di Tonno and Rodrigo Redmont, is that the personality of a wine is not created in the cellar but directly in the vineyard. A young family-run company from Abruzzo, the Colle Corviano winery combines traditional elements with experimentation and innovation, with an attitude that is always aimed at enhancing the territory and its vines. Responsible and eco-sustainable agriculture, respect for resources, use exclusively of renewable energy, care of the soil and attention to proper waste management. Not only the production philosophy but the entire lifestyle of this winery is based on these points. The choice of the best terroirs is of vital importance to plant and profitably cultivate the various vines spread throughout the area. The Colle Corviano vineyards extend for about 30 hectares and are located along the left side of the Tavo Valley, between 150 and 350 meters above sea level, between the towns of Loreto Aprutino and Collecorvino. The cultivated varieties are chosen from those historically found in these areas an ideal habitat, such as the native montepulciano, sangiovese, trebbiano and pecorino, to which chardonnay and pinot grigio are added. The vinification uses modern techniques such as hyper-reduction, with the addition of inert gases to prevent oxidation and with micro-oxygenation in the processing of red wines. The production philosophy of Colle Corviano focuses on enhancing the organoleptic baggage of the grapes, with particular care in the gustatory balance and in the pleasantness of drinking.

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