Conti Formentini

The venerable Casa Vinicola Conti Formentini was founded between the Isonzo and Judrio rivers, on the Slovenian border. For years the splendid San Floriano castle has featured as the icon of this winery, a producer of elegant wines designed for demanding consumers. The Conti Formentini winery has successfully woven together all the human, climate and environmental factors crucial to the creation of exceptional wines. The whites are well structured, rich and aromatic; the reds are harmonious, with great character. Situated amid the gentle rolling Friuli hills, Collio is excellent vineyard country and produces superb wines.The soil here has a unique marly sandstone structure and combined with the cool, breezy climate works to boost the aromatic profile of the grapes, making wines with great personality. This type of soil is poor in sustenance but rich in microelements and thanks to its structure and mineral content the vine is properly nourished as it grows and is better equipped to withstand dry periods. The quality of the grapes also depends on the fact that Collio vineyards have always been small plots, tended with love and care by the owners, as if they were the vegetable gardens of their own homes.

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