El Escocés Volante

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Norrel Robertson is the El Escocés Volante owner, a master of wine con consulting and making wine around the world. Norrel owns a little patch of land, high up in the rugged landscape of Calatayud, where he tends to gnarly, old Garnacha vines in poor mineral soils: poetic symbolism for this rebellious Scotsman who won’t be tamed. To look at his labels is to realise his irreverence for the local law. With his wild winemaking techniques, Norrel is making his mark on this region with raw, fantastically assertive Garnacha wines. Having worked in every aspect of the wine world, in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, Norrel now works hand in hand with local growers in Calatayud to source old vine blocks of exceptional quality to make wines with real character. You only have to see the landscape and these old bush vines to be swept away by the romanticism of a Scotsman making cutting-edge wines in this central region of Aragón. This is the heart of Garnacha country where Norrel, who is a self-confessed Garnachista, realised the tremendous potential of this varietal in this region.

-13% [SALE]

Mid to deep purple. Pronounced intensity of primary raspberry, cherry and prune varietal fruit characters with complex earthy notes of spice and leather. Full bodied with fine, soft tannins and well balanced acidity. Soft raspberry and wild berry fruits give way to a long, smooth, spicy finish.

-10% [SALE]

Wildly aromatic with notes of wild red fruits and spice. The Syrah brings flesh and freshly ground pepper to the mix, whilst the subtle seasoning of Moristel, Garnacha Blanca and Bobal (locally known as Provechon) add gentle notes of lemon thyme and other Mediterranean herbs (ajedrea). A classic field blend from 5 parcels that redefines the concept of Old Vine Garnacha in Aragón.