Gérard Bertrand

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Gérard Bertrand is one of the most important wine producers in the south of France, where he owns many estates among the most prestigious cru of Languedoc-Roussillon. Previously the IWC red wine producer of the year and the European winery of the year for wine enthusiasts, is known locally as the “king” of Languedoc. Raised in the Languedoc vineyards, Gérard Bertrand is committed to sharing the characteristics and exceptional diversity of each of the terroirs; 20 years of experience ensure that the wines with his signature have a unique style, guided by the fundamental values of excellence, authenticity, conviviality and innovation. We are proud to represent this leading French name in the United Kingdom.


A bouquet of crushed strawberries, sweet spice is complemented by floral notes of violet and hawthorn. Powerful and generous, with a velvety texture and a revitalising freshness, this wine is built on tension and stamped with a brilliant salinity