Le Salette

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Azienda Agricola Le Salette is well-established as one of the leading producers in Valpolicella, located in the very high quality sub-area of Fumane. Producing from 20 hectares of vines, the estate cultivates Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Oseleta, Molinara, and Croatina. Each wine, apart from the entry level Valpolicella and Amarone Classico, comes from a specific vineyard plot. In the vineyard, grapes are grown slowly and carefully with the utmost respect for tradition and local techniques. The grapes are hand harvested, and only the top-quality grapes are selected to undergo the drying process to produce Amarone, Recioto, Ca’ Carnocchio, and Passito that can take from 3 to 5 months. Managed by the historic winemaking family Scamperle, current winemaker and proprietor Franco Scamperle is adamant that each wine must be allowed to express the character of the soil from where the grapes are grown. That belief is paired with their commitment to sustainable methods and the philosophy of ‘never forcing nature’ by following the natural viticultural cycle and originality of the soil and grape characteristics.

-12% [SALE]

Black cherries, black berries and dark spice. Super smooth, silky tannins with good acidity.

-16% [SALE]

Fresh with an abundance of ripe cherry, complimented by herbs and liquorice. The cherries come through on the palate also, juicy fruit flavors, good acidity, lively with a nice clean finish.

-11% [SALE]

Deep ruby red in color. On the nose you get wonderful ripe cherries, forest berries and a hint of vanilla, tobacco and chocolate. Well-rounded, elegant and warm with great acidity and well structured tannins.