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The house has been on the Pianogrillo hill for centuries. A true Sicilian “Manor”, spread among cypress and Saracen olive trees, overlooking the plain of Acate, in the ancient county of Modica and Chiaramonte. During the Middle Ages lookout tower against Saracen pirates, was transformed in 1700, in a manor house in the style of Ragusa, with a noble chapel and underground cellars vaulted tuff. It stands in a panoramic position at the edge of the archaeological area of Akrillai, an ancient Neolithic settlement with mysterious outlines and lost in the mists of time. Still today in Pianogrillo there is still ancient lava stone oil, dating back to the 3rd century AD. and, within the same company, an ancient early Christian necropolis located in the area of San Nicola. It was an ancient fief, for more than 300 years, of the barons Piccione di Grassura and Molino d’Immezzo, originally from Acireale but transferred to the north chasing their careers, transformed today into a modern farm by Lorenzo Piccione di Pianogrillo, last descendant of the barons , which deals with the management, a returning Sicilian and … ambrosian rite … A total cultivated area over 80 hectares.

Built in 2014, the new winery, with zero environmental impact systems, contains the 50hl fermenters and the 25hl truncated conical tanks, as well as the bottling and bottling plants under nitrogen.

Winemaking methods: 50hl steel winemakers, 25hl truncated conical vats, 7hl vats for micro vinification and must inoculum. Autochthonous and/or selected yeasts.

Techniques in winemaking: maceration, manual pressing, reassembly and délestage, svinatura, bâtonnage.

Ageing techniques: 25h Slavonian oak barrels, Etna chestnut tonneaux, steel, 22hl French oak truncated cone vats.

-9% [SALE]

Red with a remarkable taste-olfactory impact, it expresses a strong and fragrant personality, typical of Sicilian varietal soils. Bright ruby red, with intense aromas, ranging from fruity to vinous. The taste is medium-bodied, fresco and juicy, with fruity hints particularly pleasant on the palate and a tasty trail that characterizes the finish.


Obtained exclusively from Grillo grapes in purity; young and well finished, it recalls the territory and the sea of Sicily with iodine notes that embellish the taste-olfactory profile, offering light and lively drink. Of a beautiful yellow, full and bright. Nose with pleasant sensations of field gold and white pulp fruit on a mineral background. Fresh and savoury to taste, with good and pleasant persistence.