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The origins of the Vignamato farm date back to the late 1940s when Umberto Ceci bought a small plot of land in S. Paolo di Jesi in the Contrada Battinebbia dedicated to the production of Verdicchio grapes. At the beginning of the ’50s the land was assigned to Amato and his wife Maria, passionate winemakers and in the farmhouse of the farm bought started the production and marketing of the wines produced. Their experience and the great passion for the vineyards, cared for to guarantee the best quality of the grapes for its wines, involved in this project the son Maurizio and his wife Serenella. Convinced that in order to grow and improve we must be open to change, in 1992 they create a new production project: “Vignamato”. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art equipment, innovative technologies and the practice of eco-compatible agriculture, the Vignamato Agricultural Company today also “Fattoria Didattica” has developed a production distinguished by high-quality wines, without ever abandoning its origins and strong roots in traditions. The winery is technologically advanced to enhance the characteristics of the typical territoty vines. Small tanks to keep separate the different types of products obtained depending on the characteristics of each individual vineyard (altitude, exposure, nature of the soil, clone, form of rearing, grape harvesting, etc.).

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Straw yellow in color with green reflections, the nose is complex, with fruity and floral notes of yellow pulp fruit, fresh almond, dandelion and mugwort flowers, mallow and thyme. Intense mineral note in the background. In the mouth it is dry, velvety with notes of ripe fruit, peach and apple. It closes long and savory with mineral and pleasantly almondy returns.