Vinícola del Priorat

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Vinícola del Priorat is the only cooperative in Priorat, founded by 140 farmer-producers based in the four beautiful villages of El Lloar, La Vilella Baixa, La Vilella Alta and Gratallop. They work over 300 small plots of land on very steep slate slopes that can exceed 30% gradient. Some plots are over 100 years old, producing a very low yield per vine of only about a 1kg of grapes. The DOQ Priorat region is based on slate soil, called “llicorella”. This is an area with personality, influenced by geological movements. The 140 families making the cooperative have learned how to maintain the artisanal wine culture, and never surrendered to tough periods like phylloxera. They work in century old vineyards, producing very low yields of 100 grams – 1 kg per vine depending on the age and location of the plot. The Priorat terrain is torturous but gives wonderful results; with slopes exceeding 30% gradient and slate soils. Handpicked grapes, slow fermentations, long macerations and natural stabilisations make long-lived, complex wines with a great structure that are a living reflection of the diversity and quality of grapes from the special Priorat terrain.

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Deep ruby appearance. The nose shows incredible richness despite still being fairly closed. Ripe fruits like blueberries and red plums against a background of cedar and tobacco-leaf notes from the oak. Well-structured with lively acidity, grippy high quality tannins, salinity and smoothing alcohol, ending in a long finish in which oak and fruit continue in excellent balance.